Keio Academy of New York ALUMNI ASSOCIATION


Site Policy

1. Keio Academy of New York Alumni Association Privacy Policy

Keio Academy of New York Alumni Association (KONYAA) takes the following security measures in providing the services.

  • Use of firewalls
  • Maintenance of hardware
  • Maintenance of software, including operating systems and server software.
The system administrator will accept opinions from users to maintain quality of the community and to improve the service. For handling personal information, the system administrator will update his/her knowledge to improve technology used on the website.

2. Purpose of Information Collection

To provide appropriate services, and to encourage communications between alumni members, KONYAA collects personal information such as: name, home address, e-mail address, phone numbers, university faculty/department, gender, entrance/graduation year, and so on. When registering information, KONYAA will present purposes and other notes. Users are to register their information only when they agree to the presented information, according to the "principle of self-responsibility".

3. Use of Personal Information

KONYAA will use personal information only for its purposes. KONYAA may disclose information if required by law of Japan, but will not disclose information to any others without the registrant's consent.

4. Methods of Protecting Personal Information

KONYAA may start a new service based on personal information provided by alumni, with prior consents of the alumni members. The registration data will be visible to the registrant only, and the information will not be used for purposes other than encouraging communications between alumni. When providing such services, a password will be used. When authenticated with a correct password, it is assumed that a right user has logged onto the service. Please protect your password accordingly.

5. SSL Secure Server

When entering or modifying personal information, you may use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect the transaction. With SSL, it is possible to encrypt the data that is transported on the Internet, and it becomes possible to avoid the risk of data being eavesdropped or altered. If your web browser supports SSL, please use it if possible.

6. Password Storage

Passwords stored on the server are encrypted. Therefore, even if the data is leaked or stolen, personal information may not be retrieved by an attacker.

Because passwords are encrypted, the system administrator cannot recover it once it is forgotten. The system administrator will not ask for your password on media such as e-mails or phone calls.

7. Scope of Protection

KONYAA is responsible for information collected by KONYAA only. KONYAA will not be responsible for any damage caused by entering your information to sites other than KONYAA.

8. Respect for Member's Intentions Regarding Personal Information

When a member asks to modify or delete his/her personal information, we will respect his/her intention, and take necessary measures promptly.

9. Liabilities

When a member uses services provided by KONYAA, it is assumed that the member agreed to the privacy policy. KONYAA may modify, fix, add or remove portions of the privacy policy. When such event occurs, KONYAA will present the changes on its website. If a member continues to use KONYAA services after the privacy policy is modified, KONYAA will assume that you agreed to the updated privacy policy. KONYAA does not display if a member's client environment is appropriate to access the website or not. Members are to access KONYAA services on their own wills, and members are responsible for use of KONYAA website.